River Trail

A beautiful view of the Potomac River

A view of the Potomac River from a high bluff overlook

McLean, VA


For the adventurous at heart there is the River Trail.  It offers several beautiful views of the the river from the rocky overlooks. This trail is often a popular spot to find rock climbing groups as it runs a long the edge of the gorge providing easy access to several rock climbing points.  The first part of the trail is a moderate hike but as the trail progresses further down the the river it becomes rocky and narrow in parts.  During the Spring there are several wildflowers in bloom along the path.  Also, this path provides a brief look at the lock system which is found along the Canal Trail.

River Trail

Activities: Hiking, Walking, Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Wildflowers
Location: McLean, VA
Directions: Great Falls National Park
Trails: River Trail
Topography: River, woods, rolling terrain
Hiking Information: This trail can difficult and narrow in areas especially as the trail progresses.
Trail Map: A Trail map is usually given out at the entrance of the park.  There is a map posted in the park and also one available on the Great Falls National Park page.
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