Stone Door Hiking Trail

Stone Door Ranger Station

View of tree clinging to the side of the bluff

Beersheba, TN


Stone Door Ranger Station, located in Beersheba, TN only a couple of miles from Greeter Falls, is part of the Savage Gulf Natural Area.  The Stone Door Ranger Station has several hiking trails that offer several opportunities such as enjoying bluff views, walking between the stone door, and viewing Laurel Falls .  Rock climbing, rappelling, picnicking, and camping are also allowed at Stone Door;  for more information regarding these activities please check at the rangers office.

Stone Door Hiking Trail

Activities: Hiking, Photography, Walking, Camping, Picnicking, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Handicap Accessible Trail, Wildflower Viewing, Historic
Location: South Cumberland State Park, Stone Door Ranger Station
Directions: In Monteagle, take a left on US 41 South off of US 41A.  Take US 41 South to Tracy City, then turn on 56N and follow this road to Beersheba Springs.  The Stone Door Ranger Station (Park Entrance) is on Stone Door Rd.  There are several brown signs along the way marking the directions to different South Cumberland State Park Districts.  

Monteagle can be reached via Interstate 24 or US 41A.

Trails: Stone Door Trail, Laurel Falls Loop, Laurel Trail, Big Creek Rim Trail, Big Creek Gulf Trail, Ranger Falls Trail
Topography: Hardwood forest, bluffs, streams, waterfalls, gorges
Hiking Information:
Trail Map: Available at the South Cumberland Visitors Center on 41 between Monteagle and Tracy City
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