Greeter Falls

View of Spiral Staircase

View of Spiral Staircase leading to Lower Greeter Falls

Altamont, TN


Welcome to Greeter Falls!  For the adventurous person at heart, Greeter Falls offers beautiful waterfalls, wildflowers, historic places, and a serene getaway to gather your thoughts.  Greeter Falls known mostly for its waterfalls and to the locals a great swimming spot, offers two main trails.  One leading to adventure and beautiful waterfalls with thin trails, spiral staircases, and a rocky or roots dotting the way.  The other, a fairly flat trail, leads to one of the locals favorite swimming holes.  Whether you choose adventure or to watch the locals swim both offer beautiful scenery and provide a great getaway from the stresses of life.

Greeter Falls

Activities: Hiking, Photography, Walking, Historic
Location: South Cumberland State Park, Greeter Falls
Directions: In Monteagle, take a left on US 41 South off of US 41A.  Take US 41 South to Tracy City, then turn on 56N and follow this road to Altamont.  After Altamont, turn at Greeter Pines (there will be a brown sign marking the entrance to Greeter Falls).  Greeter Falls is located between mile marker 21 and 22 on 56N.   There are several brown signs along the way marking the directions to different South Cumberland State Park Districts.  

Monteagle can be reached via Interstate 24 or US 41A.

Trails: Greeter Falls Loop Trail, Blue Hole Trail
Topography: Hardwood forest, bluffs, streams, waterfalls, wildflowers
Hiking Information: Greeter Falls Loop Trail trail can be narrow at some points with large drop off's next to the trail. Hiking with caution is highly encouraged.
Trail Map: Available at the South Cumberland Visitors Center on 41 between Monteagle and Tracy City
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Page Updated: May 28, 2004