Monte Sano State Park

Monte Sano State Park Hiking Trail

View of one of Monte Sano's many trails

Huntsville, AL


Monte Sano State Park is situated on top of Monte Sano Mountain overlooking the Tennessee Valley.  Establish in 1935, Monte Sano State Park has been providing a great getaway for several decades to just about anyone no matter what the age. It is home to numerous hiking trails, various wildlife such as the wild goats that are occasionally seen wandering the park, and the famous 50 K Mountain Mist Trail Run. It is no wonder Monte Sano means Mountain of Health.

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Activities: Hiking, Running, Mountain Biking, Walking, Photography, Wildlife, Historic, Picnicking, Rock Climbing, Caving
Location: Huntsville, AL
Directions: Take the Governors Dr./Rte. 431 Exit off of Memorial Parkway.  Follow 431S to the top of Monte Sano.  Take Monte Sano Blvd. to Nolen Avenue which leads into Monte Sano State Park.
Trails: South Plateau Loop, Fire Tower Trail, Bog Trail, Stone Cuts Bypass, North Plateau Loop, Cold Springs Trail, Mountain Mist Trail, Logon Point Trail, Sinks Trails, Warpath Ridge Trail, Arrowhead Trail, Natural Well Trail, Stone Cut Trail, Panther Knob Trail, and McKay Hollow Trail
Topography: Hardwood forest, Limestone caves, sink holes, bluffs, streams
Hiking Information: The various trails difficulty can greatly range from an easy stroll to strenuous walking.
Trail Map: Available for purchase at Park store
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