Compton Peak Trail

Compton Peak Overlook

View from Compton Peak Overlook

Skyline Drive, VA


Compton Peak Trail, this hiking trail may actually have a different name, is located in Shenandoah National Park off Skyline Drive.  The reason it is named Compton Peak Trail on this website is due to the fact that this hiking trail leads to an overlook at Compton Peak.  The trailhead, located across the road from the Compton Gap Parking Area,  climbs slowly upwards until it reaches a three pronged fork.  At this point in the hiking trail there is a concrete post bearing a silver band imprinted with arrows pointing the way to the two overlook options available.  On a sunny day this trail is a warm hike, however the view from the overlook can be not only beautiful but refreshing if there is a breeze.  Along Compton Peak Trail there are several varieties of wildflowers and creatures lurking on and near the path so be careful while walking.  Remember Compton Peak Trail is located in the remote countryside and there are probably more animals in the area than people.

Compton Peak Trail

Activities: Hiking, Walking, Photography, Nature Viewing
Location: Shenandoah National Park, Skyline Drive, VA
Directions: Compton Peak Trail is located on Skyline Drive between Dickey Ridge and Mathews Arm.  See the map handed out at the entrance; the trail is located across from Compton Gap.
Trails: Compton Peak Trail
Topography: Woods, hills, overlooks
Hiking Information: This park is part of the National Park Service and it charges a fee to enter.  Please check the NPS page for current fees.  Remember rattlesnakes are native to this area.
Trail Map: A Trail map is usually given out at the entrance of the park. 
Photo Album: Other Photographs

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