Burgess Falls State Park

Picture of Burgess Falls

View of Burgess Falls

Sparta, TN


Burgess Falls is located in middle Tennessee near Sparta.  A short time ago it was temporarily closed due to a lack of funding in the state park department.  It was reopened, with a small fee ($3 in 2003) to help provide the park with its daily needs.  Burgess Falls State Park Natural Area contains many waterfalls.  The most famous being Burgess Falls. For the brave there is a steep set of stairs leading to the bottom where you can stand and feel the spray on your face.  

Burgess Falls State Park banner

Activities: Hiking, Picnicking
Location: 4000 Burgess Falls Drive
Sparta, TN 38583
Trails: River Trail, Ridge Trail
Topography: River, sheer bluffs, waterfalls, forests
Hiking Information: Moderate hike to Big Falls Overlook, there is a set of long and steep stairs leading to the bottom of Burgess Falls
Trail Map: Trail map on location.
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