Kinlock Falls

Picture of Kinlock Falls

Kinlock Falls after a rain storm

Wren, AL


Kinlock Falls is well known to the locals and teenagers in the area.  It is a great spot on a hot day to just go and hang out with some friends.  Often the teenagers in the area use the falls as a giant waterslide.  They have even rigged a  rope on the side of the bluff to climb back up to the top.  The water pool at the bottom is usually of good depth for even swimming.  However, on a day like this picture was taken, the river should be revered and not used for swimming. 

Kinlock Falls banner

Activities: Photography
Location: Sipsey Wilderness, Bankhead National Forest; Wren, Alabama
Directions: Take Lawrence County 6 (Cranal Road)/Winston County 60 to Kinlock Rd. Take a right on Kinlock Rd, this will turn into a gravel/dirt road.  Kinlock Falls is located right before the bridge crossing
Trails: Kinlock Falls does not have a trail, but is rather a spot to pull off and walk down the hill to take a picture.
Topography: Waterfall, River, sheer bluffs
Hiking Information: The climb down to Kinlock Falls vintage point should be done with care, the drop off is steep from most good photography points, so be careful.  
Trail Map:  A wonderful map of the Sipsey Wilderness Area can be purchased at the Wild Alabama Trading Post

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