Madison County Nature Trail

Cambron Covered Bridge

View of Cambron Covered Bridge

Huntsville, AL


Madison County Nature Trail is located in Southeast Huntsville on top of Green Mountain. The 2.25 mile Main Trail provides individuals with the opportunity to view the Cambron Covered Bridge, learn the names of various trails located along the trail, feed the ducks and geese, and view the state's largest and oldest Champion Elm Tree.

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Activities: Hiking, Walking, Jogging, Picnicking, Photography, Fishing, Educational, and Historical
Location: Huntsville, AL
Directions: Take Weatherly Rd. east off S. Memorial Parkway, right on to Bailey Cove Rd. Turn left at the flashing yellow (Green Mountain Rd), At the top of the mountain take a right on to S. Shawdee Rd. Turn right at SE Nature Trail Rd.
Trails: Main Trail and School Trail
Topography: Stream, 17 acre Sky Lake, rolling hills, and hardware forest
Hiking Information: The Main trail is approx. 2.25 miles long which offers many benches for resting and interesting structures along the way.
Trail Map: Trail map can be found on location.
Photo Album: Other Photographs

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