Hurricane Creek Park


A small waterfall located in the valley

Vinemont, Alabama


Nestled in the hills of Vinemont, just off of I-65 is a park that started as a dream of William "Buddy" Rodgers and now is a hiker's paradise. Within the boundaries of the park, the trails offer many things to see and do. There are many waterfront camping sites for those who want to spend a night away from home in a quiet secluded spot. For the adventurous, the park offers rock climbing and Twilight Tunnel. For those looking to getaway from the hustle and bustle, there are several picnic tables overlooking the river at which to have a relaxing meal. There are several wonderful surprises located along the hiking trails in Hurricane Creek Park. Come and take a walk down Heaven's Staircase or try your luck at fitting thru Bottleneck, a rather small crack between two boulders, it is what is some people often refer to as a fat man's squeeze. For young and old, this park is a hidden treasure waiting to be explored. There is a small admission fee, prices may vary depending on age, to enter the park. Please check with the City of Cullman Parks and Recreation Department for prices and hours.

Hurricane Creek Park

Activities: Hiking, Photography, Camping, Rock Climbing, Picnicking, Tunnels
Location: Vinemont, Alabama
Directions: Take I-65 to exit 318. Go south on 31, for approx. 1 - 2 miles. The park will be on the left side of the road. There is a beautiful sign on the side of the road, which is hard to miss indicating the entrance to the park.
Topography: Rivers, bluffs, waterfalls, rock tunnels
Hiking Information: There are several trails, however be prepared to climb down into the valley and back out again. The trails are fairly well maintained. Twilight tunnel can be extremely dark inside and may have standing water. Care needs to be exercised on Grandpa's Trail near the waterfall.
Trail Map: Trail map is located on wooden sign at parking lot and also may be acquired inside the store
Photo Album: Other Photographs

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